Thank you for Visiting the National Science Museum.

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National Science Museum for Today’s Wellness and Upcoming Hope for the Future.

Welcome to the National Science Museum of Korea, where science and culture coexist.

The National Science Museum (NSM) is known as a representative organization for the development of scientific culture. NSM collects, preserves, studies, and displays a variety of resources such as science and engineering, industrial technology, scientific and technological history, and natural history, and also regularly performs diverse scientific and cultural events.

By means of an interactive guide service for audiences, specialized educational programs based on students’ grades, and specific exhibits in accordance with the theme of each exhibition hall, NSM develops students’ creativity and imagination, and also cultivates and supports young talented scientists who may take a leading role in the creative economy of our future society.

Comfortable and safe places for family relaxation are open to everyone during weekends, in which people can feel, experience and enjoy science.

As a major science museum of the nation, NSM is making their best efforts to support the building of a new science museum, and to provide support, advice, exchange, and cooperation for the nationwide public and private science museums. In addition, NSM aims at strengthening their position as a leader amongst the international science museums and becoming a worldwide science museum by holding, attracting, and participating in international contests.

Science is the key to a successful future, and science museums make people dream of science.

NSM will keep on doing their utmost in order to
1. Make public more aware of scientists’ and engineers’ efforts and passion for science;
2. Encourage children’s dreams and talent;
3. Help people to imagine a scientifically and technically advanced future world;
4. Act as a bridge for public’s happiness and pride.

Thank you.