Thank you for Visiting the National Science Museum.

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Dear Visitors
Welcome to the National Science Museum where creativity and imagination grows together with the dream of beautiful science future.

As the leading national science museum, we strive towards popularization of science and bringing science to everyday life through collecting, preserving, researching, providing education and exhibiting science.
Our staff design and develop unique exhibits with high standard. Also, we work toward increasing the visitor satisfaction by improving our museum environment.
We will provide more science activities to meet the growing demand from increased interest in the independent study semester program among students. Also, more programs, such as customized education programs, life long learning, and science cultural events will be created to meet the needs of adult audiences.
Special effort will be made to improve youth’s access and familiarity to science to foster the growth of creative and adventurous scientists.
As the leader of 128 national, public and private science museums including the five regional national science museums, we will be at the forefront of international/national collaboration and consultation. We shall ensure synergistic growth among all of our brother institutions and strengthen our international presence by not only attending but also inviting international events. We shall do our utmost to become the world grade science museum by synthetically collecting and managing important science heritage, also strengthening our research function.
Science is the key for the future and a science museum is the cradle where dreams of science grows

At National Science Museum, visitor’s opinion guides our decision
We will do our utmost to be the “Science Museum you want to visit and visit again” and the world class science museum“.

Thank you very much

Sung-Kwang Yang,
National Science Museum