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Welcome Message from President

Welcome Message from Chairperson Seoklae LEE
Dear visitors,
Warmest welcome from National Science Museum of Korea, a flagship science museum nationwide.

Science museum bridges science and society, intriguing people to take interest in science and technology by providing advanced knowledge about them. Also, it builds groundwork to make a more reasonable society by helping people’s development of reasonability, objectivity and creativity. At the same time, it is a place of past, present and future in the sense that it aids the accumulation, inheritance and application of scientific knowledge.

National Science Museum of Korea plays various roles. First, it runs diverse scientific exhibitions, education programs and events to provide the public with the chance to enjoy scientific and cultural experiences. Second, it engages in diverse interactions and cooperation with numerous science museums nationwide. Last but not least, it carries out numerous research on exhibition and science education while conducting national projects to discover and pass down invaluable scientific and cultural heritage.

I hope you can seek useful wisdom for life and dream for a better future through a wide range of experiential exhibits and activities here. For my part, I will spare no effort to make our museum a more convenient and safer place for everyone.

Thank you.

Chairperson Seoklae LEE of NSM Korea