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Welcome Message from President

Heartful greetings from the National Science Museum!
I am the President Byung-Seon Jeong.

Welcome to the NSM, the flagship science museum in Korea

It holds state-of-art collections and exhibitions that reflect various principles of science and technology, enabling anyone to gain knowledge and wisdoms needed in the present and future.

The National Science Museum will ignite momentum so that aspiring young future scientists can be nurtured to have scientific way of thinking and creativity through diverse scientific experiments and learning opportunities at the NSM.

Also, as a national museum, it will make endless endeavors by preserving and researching nationally important science and technology-related materials and displaying traditional science and technology of our ancestors to make sure that the public can have pride in our history.

Furthermore, it will do its best to co-prosper with 130 national, public and private science museums nationwide.

I firmly believe that Korea can realize a strong powerhouse of science and technology and a mature civic-centered society only when the public supports science and technology based on deep understanding.

Accordingly, I would like to request for keen interest and passionate affection to the National Science Museum. For its part, it will give an utmost best to provide world-class exhibitions and education services of science and technology to ensure every visitors to our museum can freely enjoy high-class science and culture.

Thank you very much.

National Science Museum President Byung-Seon Jeong.