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Welcome Message from Director

National Science Museum to explore science technology and prepare for the future through participation and communication

My name is Tae-Min Bae, the director of the National Science Museum.
Welcome to the official site of the National Science Museum.
As the national representative science museum, we strive to be a future-forward museum researching science technologies through participation and interaction.

The National Science Museum is a place of science and culture that exhibits and studies scientific fundamentals and technology; collects and preserves resources; and discovers the past and present as well as imagine a future of technologies.

As the fourth industrial revolution is upon us, with the innovation of high-tech science technology, we will do our utmost to understand and apply the science technologies for the enlightement of the public.

We will build exhibitions around the fourth industrial revolution, provide new exhibition content and public services, and strengthen our ICT-SW education and exploration programs to become a new and redefined space of science and culture.

In addition, we will strengthen our research and exhibitions capabilities, using more than 12,000 resources, to building a database and creating a public archive to allow for easy access and use.

By strengthening the network among the 129 national, public and private science culture institutions in Korea, and hosting international event such as the ISSM, we will take the lead and be in the forefront of international science museum cooperation.

Furthermore, we will continue our efforts to disseminate science culture that encourages exploration and interaction through events with a long history such as the National Science Contest, the Student Science Innovation Fair, Science Day and etc.

We will always do our best to be a science museum that can always contribute to the development of science and culture in our country by giving priority to opinions of our audiences.

Thank you.