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Visitor Information


The National Science Museum is opens Tuesday to Sunday and holiday Mondays from 9.30am – 5.50pm(Last Admission 5.00 pm)


The National Science Museum is closed on Monday, January 1st and Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day) except for holiday; Mondays. During weeks with a holiday Monday, the museum will be closed on the first non-holiday weekday.

Please note

  • The museum prohibits shoes with wheels as they cause a safety hazard.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the museum.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc are not allowed inside the museum.
  • Pets are not allowed entry except for a certified service animals for visitors with disabilities.
  • Food is prohibited inside the museum building.
  • Any sort of behaviour that may damage or alter the exhibition is prohibited.
  • Excessive noise and harmful actions to other visitors are strictly prohibited.
  • The lost and found is located at the general information center, and lost items are kept at the museum for 3 months.

Admission Prices

  • In exception to the listed exhibitions below, the National Science Museum admission is free.
  • Paid exhibitions can be booked on our online homepage.
division Science Discovery Center Maglev Train Planetarium KkumAty Hall
Single Group
(20 persons or more)
Single Single Group
(20 persons or more)
Single Group
(20 persons or more)
(20 years and older)
and Seniors
2,000won 1,000won 2,000won 2,000won 1,000won 2,000won 2,000won
Youth and
Young Adults
(8-19 years old)
1,000won 500won 1,000won 1,000won 500won No Admittance No Admittance
(4-7 years old)
1,000won 500won 1,000won 1,000won 500won 1,000won 500won
(1-3 years old)
Free Free Free No Admittance No Admittance 1,000won 500won

Receive 50% off admissions on “Culture Day,” the last Wednesday of every month. (Membership discounts cannot be applied)

Exhibition Run Time

Category Admission Run Time Number of People
Science Technology Hall Free 90 mins plus Unlimited
Natural History Hall Free 60 mins 600
Science Discovery Center Paid 120 mins 300/session
Maglev Train Paid 40 mins 440/session
Planetarium Paid 40 mins 208/session
Biosphere Free 40 mins 200
Outdoor Exhibits Free 30 mins Unlimited
Natural Learning Center Free 60 mins Unlimited
KkumAty Paid 120 mins 120/session

※ The listed times for the free exhibitions are simply a calculated average, real times can be different according to each individual.

Parking Fee

Category Admission
Vehicle (less 25 Seater) 2,000won
Large Vehicle and Bus (over 25 Seater) 4,000won

※ Kei and hybrid vehicles receive a 50% discount

How to Find us


Get off at National Science Museum station and walk 100m towards the ticket office


Transfer to bus from Government Complex Daejeon Station or take taxi

  • Bus Transfer : Use Government Complex Daejeon Station Exit 3 and take the 301, 318, 604 bus from the Dunsan Police Station bus stop
  • Taxi : From Government Complex Daejeon Station Exit 3, take a taxi (total distance: 2km, estimated time 5 minutes, approx. 4,000KRW taxi fare)


Daejeon Train Station

  • Subway→ Bus Transfer: Daejeon Station → take bus 301, 318, or 604 at Government Complex No.3 Exit (Dunsan Police Station Stop)
  • Subway→ Taxi Transfer: Daejeon Station → take taxi at Government Complex No.3 Exit (Total Distance: 2Km, Travel Time: 5 min, Fee: Approx. 3000 Won)

South Daejeon station (Honam Line)

  • Subway→ Bus Transfer: Oryong Station → take bus 301, 318, or 604 at Government Complex No.3 Exit (Dunsan Police Station Stop)
  • Bus: Take bus 318 ( Get on the South Daejeon Station Entrance Stop and get off at Expo-Park Stop)


Information +82-42-601-7896