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The planetarium is the first 3D astronomy theater with a 23m wide hemispherical screen, offering a wide selection of videos and explanations on space and celestial bodies.

The main programs include, "3D Space Travel," "A Dinosaur Story," "The Way to Mars," "Dream of Flying," "We are Aliens" and more.
In addition, the planetarium’s astronomy lecture, "A Typical Star Story" is running and on the last Saturday of every month, the "Planetarium’s Musical Festival" is held.

Program Guide

Program Guide - Session, Time, Seat
Session Time Seat
1st 10:00~10:40(40) 208
2st 11:00~11:40(40) 208
3st 13:00~13:40(40) 208
4st 14:00~14:40(40) 208
5st 15:00~15:40(40) 208
6st 16:00~16:40(40) 208
7st 17:00~17:40(40) 208

Admission Prices

Admission Prices - division, Single, Group (20 persons or more)
division Single Group (20 persons or more)
Adults and Seniors (20 years and older) 2,000won 1,000won
Youth and Young Adults (8-19 years old) 1,000won 500won
Children (4-7 years old) 1,000won 500won
Infants (3 years and younger) No Admittance

Movie Programs

  • 1. The Creation of the Earth, Moon, Sun + An Explanation on Constellations

    The learning center is categorically divided into a water square, hill and garden where activities using the characteristic of water help to understand scientific principles.

  • 2. A Dinosaur Story(3D)

    Travel back in time across continents to meet dinosaurs and flying creatures. And see the asteroid crashing that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

  • 3. 3D Space Travel

    With the live explanation of science guide, embark on a 3D space trip that starts with the exploration of the solar system to the ends of the universe. Enjoy the amazing universe shown through a high-tech screening system

  • 4. Dream of Flying (3D)

    People have always admired the sky. Countless inventors agonized over how to fly and discovered the mystery of flying through many trial and errors. Flight technology is used in war. The film shows the history of flight with colorful dome images and a specially composed beautiful soundtrack.

  • 5. Moon Travel + An Explanation on the Sun and Moon

    How long does it take to reach the moon, the closest celestial body to earth? With the science guide’s explanation and an animation film, learn about the moon with the wolves living on the earth and the cute rabbits living on the moon.

  • 6. The Way to Mars + An Explanation on Earth and Mars

    Why do we try to go to mars? Find out the reason for the mission to Mars with the science guide and experience a trip to future Mars with space ship Mars-7 in this animation film.

  • 7. We are Aliens (3D)+ An Explanation on Alien Planet Discoveries

    Are we the only ones in the universe? With the science guide, figure out the answer together and explore extraterrestrial life in this 3D film.

Planetarium’s Culture Events

A Cheeky Story of a Star

  • Date for the Planetarium’s seasonal constellation and astronomy lectures : Every Saturday 17:00~17:50
    ※ On the last Saturdays in September~December, the program is not operated due to the planetarium music concert.
  • Reservation Period : On the week “A Cheeky Story of a Star“ is operated (Monday 10:00~Friday 24:00)
    ※ Based on a first come first serve basis and can lead to early closing
  • Location : Planetarium Auditorium
  • Lecturer : National Science Museum’s Astronomy Commentator
  • Lecture Content : Stories of diverse topics on space

Planetarium Music Concert

The Planetarium Musical Concert gathers renowned science doctors to find out new and diverse science information along with the music professionals’ easy and fun explanations and beautiful melodies. Those who love science and music are encouraged to come watch the music concert that the whole family can enjoy on a weekend evening.

Concert Period The last Saturday of every month at 19:00 (In December, the concert will be held on the 15th)
Location National Science Museum Planetarium
Target To all who love music (Admittance from 4 and up)
Registration Homepage first come first serve reservation (If seating is available, same day admittance may be possible)
Reservation Period 5 days before the concert (Monday) at 10:00 to the day before the concert(Friday) at 23:59.

Reservation is only available for paid-free memberss on the Science Museum’s homepage