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Maglev Train Experience Zone

We invite you to experience the eco-friendly transportation system of the future, running on a magnetic levitation system, the train runs over 8.8 meters above the ground. The National Science Museum promotes science and technology exellence and contributes to the popularization of science and technology to the public through the experience of riding the Maglev Train.

The Maglev Train is the world’s third largest transportation system and it is a train that functions on electricity. The train can be categorized by speed either, medium or low, and through floating modes either, suction or repulsion. The National Science Museum operates a domestically built maglev train suitable for the urban environment using electromagnetic seats and suction, at medium to low speed.
※ The urban Maglev Train is the 2nd type to be commercialized in the world

Program Hours

Seission Tuesday - Friday
(Train Departure Time)
Saturday - Sunday
(Train Departure Time)
1st 10:00 ~10:40 (10:30) 09:40 ~10:05 (10:00)
2st 11:00 ~11:40 (11:30) 10:20 ~10:45 (10:40)
3st 13:00 ~13:40 (13:30) 11:00 ~11:25 (11:20)
4st 14:00 ~14:40 (14:30) 13:00 ~13:25 (13:20)
5st 15:00 ~15:40 (15:30) 13:40 ~14:05 (14:00)
6st 16:00 ~16:40 (16:30) 14:20 ~14:45 (14:40)
7st 17:00 ~17:40 (17:30) 15:00 ~15:25 (15:20)
8st 15:40 ~16:05 (16:00)
9st 16:20 ~16:45 (16:40)
10st 17:00 ~17:25 (17:20)

※ Train boarding will commence after listening to an explanation and will leave according to the train schedule


division Single Group (20 persons or more)
Adults and Seniors (20 years and older) 2,000won 2,000won
Youth (8-19 years old) 1,000won 1,000won
Children (4-7 years old) 1,000won 1,000won
Infants (3 years and younger) Free (With Free Boarding Pass) -

The floating principles of the urban maglev train

The electromagnets located beneath the rails of the vehicle generates magnetic forces that pull the train causing it to levitate. If the current flowing between the electromagnets and the rail are not controlled, the electromagnets can stick to the rail. The current is controlled by the distance measuring gap and the controller to maintain a levitation status of around 0.8-1cm.

The Operation of the Urban Maglev Train

The urban Maglev Train uses linear motors similar to that of rotating electric motors to move forward. The magnetized coil repels the large magnets on the train allowing for levitation, and once it levitates, the power is supplied to the coils within the guideway to create a unique system of magnetic field that pull and push the train. The electric current constantly alternates to change the polarity of the magnetized coils and this change in polarity causes the magnetic field in front of the train to pull the vehicle forward while the field behind forwardly thrusts it.

회전형 유도전동기- 고정자의 전기자(1차측 코일), 회전자(2차측)

Features of the Urban Maglev Train

  • 1. A new wheel-less levitated method of transportation.
    • The vehicle follows a safe orbital route and has a frictionless structure except for current collectors.
  • 2. An Eco-friendly Orbital Transportation System
    • Vibration, generates low noise, 1/5 lower than that of a wheel-type train (minimum noise: 65d)
    • The generated electricity meets the International Environmental Standards, producing 1/5th of a TV and 1/10th of a hairdryer.
  • 3. An Excellent Driving Performance System
    • The curved drive is very smooth and has excellent uphill drive capacity.
  • 4. Low Maintenance System
    • Due to the lack of wheels, it allows for low maintenance and supply costs.