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History of Science and Technology in Korea

Science technologies such as energy-resource, electric-electronic, transport and machinery, petrochemical, space, semiconductor and ICT, and other ‘World-changing Korean science technologies’ are the primary subject for the exhibitions that cover Science Heritage from the Chosun Dynasty to Modern astronomy technology.

Main Exhibitions

  • 1. New renewable solar energy car

    New renewable energy is the collective name for new and renewable energy sources. Converted fossil fuel, solar energy, hydropower, geothermal heat, and bioenergy are renewable resources that are collected to create renewable energy. This exhibition allows you to experience this process in an interactive way.

  • 2. Hyundai Pony 1

    Korea’s first ever manufactured car. Though it was smaller than the usual cars of the time, it had a strong engine with high performances and was an immediate hit after its release, for its style and economic price.

  • 3. Araon

    Araon is the first ice breaker manufactured with only Korean technology with ice breaking functions and it houses 10 laboratories with over 60 high-tech research equipment, you could call it a mobile ocean laboratory.

  • 4. Hwaseong/Suwon Fortress and Irrigation System

    A pulley and crane irrigation system, designed by Chung Yak-Yong, that could lift 25,000 Kun or 15,000kg, and this irrigation system was used in the construction of Suwon Fortress.

  • 5. The Bell of Seongdeok

    A bell that was made by King Kyeongdeok to commemorate his deceased father King Seongdeok in A.D 765 and was completed in A.D 771.

  • 6. Kye Young Bae or Pythagorean Cup

    Kye Young Bae or Pythagorean cup warns against excessive drinking and is also called a cup for moderate drinking. When 70% of the cup is filled with alcohol, a siphoning effect causes the cup to drain its entire contents through the base. It symbolizes man’s endless greed and the need for control over it.

  • 7. Honcheon Clock

    Invented by astronomer, Song I-Yeong in 1669, it is an astronomical clock and is designated as Korean national treasure number 230. The sphere is activated by a working clock mechanism, showing the position of the universe at any given time.

  • 8. Seokgakchunmoondo

    It is a stone plaque with engaving of The Western constellation.

  • 9. Rainfall Gauge, Treasure 1652, Location : 2nd floor of the Science Museum

    Invented in 1441, it is the world’s oldest rainfall gauge. It has a bronze-cast main body and three components.

  • 10. Hwacha

    First made in 1409, and under the rule of King Munjong, It has a portable multi-rocket launcher attached on its carts to shoot 50 or 200 thin arrows at a time.

  • 11. Geobukseon, Turtle Ship

    Geobukseon, the world’s first iron-clad warship, was built under the leadership of Admiral Lee Sun-Shin. The ship was armored with iron plates to protect its rowers and was armed with a turtle head placed on top of the ship’s bow.