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Exhibition Guide

The Science Alive Discovery Center is a place of creativity thus, one can develops interest and curiosity through playing at theme park-like exhibition and watching performances, that has the interest of visitor's at its center. The visitors are able to understand the principles of science and develop their creativity and imagination through high-tech scientific equipments and instruments.It is a fun science experience center for the growing youth, and a place where families can enjoy their time.

Exhibition Hours

Time Slot Hours Maximum Capacity
1st 09:30~11:30 300 persons per round
(3 times a day)
2nd 12:30~14:30
3rd 15:30~17:30

Main Exhibitions

  • 1. Electricity Show

    Experience and observe how Tesla coils, a Jacob’s ladder and a Van de Graaf are used to conduct an electrical lightning experiment.

  • 2. Drone Show

    Enjoy the fantastic synchronized choreography of seven drones with music.

  • 3. Augmented Reality

    Experience the blur of reality and augmented reality in this interactive exhibition.

  • 4. Virtual reality rider

    Experience a virtual reality through a motion base and 4D effects.