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Exhibition Guide

The National Science Museum’s main exhibition hall, the Science Technology hall, has a lively theme of national cutting-edge science technology experiences and those who come to view it will realize nature’s mystery, principles of science technology, and furthermore understanding the harmony between nature, man and science.

Hands-on Exhibtion Guide

  • 1. Centrifugal Bicycle

    New Renewable energy is the term that describes new energy and renewable energy. This refers to the energy that uses fossil fuel or renewable energy sources such as sunlight, water, geothermal, water and bio converted to energy, and this principle is displayed in the hands-on exhibition.

  • 2. Corioli’s Room

    When you throw or roll a ball towards the opposing person, the ball bends to one side instead of going straight. This is a phenomenon caused by the rotation of the room, the principles of the Coriolis effect (coriolis effect, coriolis’ force, deflecting force) and the effect itself can be directly experienced.