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Astronomical Observatory

Visitors can find Korea’s first ever helioscope now in the astronomical observatory in National Science Museum of Korea, which used to be placed in BoHyun Mountain’s astronomical observatory. Here provided are docent service on the sun and related science stories a well as science experiential programs.

Information on Astronomical Observatory

  • Entrance to astronomical Observatory is charged and in-advance booking is necessary.
  • Programs are changeable upon changes of weather conditions or other circumstances.
  • Visitors should be teamed up as a group of 2~4 persons when booking.
  • It is only recommended for those aged 6 or older in consideration of the comprehensibility of the experience and following explanation.
  • Pre-school children must book with their parents.
  • Prior checking of the observatory before visiting is not allowed since big group booking is not available.

Programs/Time Slots of Astronomical Observatory

Program Guide - Session, Time, Seat
Time Slot Hours Program Title Number of People per Round
1st 11:00 ~ 11:40 Pastel Aurora
(Drawing aurora using pastels with in-depth explanation)
12 People per round
2nd 13:00 ~ 13:40 Pastel Aurora
(Drawing aurora using pastels with in-depth explanation)
3rd 15:00 ~ 15:40 Pastel Aurora
(Drawing aurora using pastels with in-depth explanation)
  • Experiential programs are designed as a group activity where families or grouped teams work together.
  • Programs are free of charge and a set of kits per group is to be provided.
  • All visitors must wear masks inside the observatory during tours and programs.
  • Experiential program starts after docent service.
  • During experiential program, each group is supposed to sit separately, but different groups may sit together under inevitable circumstances.


Program Guide - Session, Time, Seat
Notice Fees Age Range
Adults 1. Team of 2~4 persons
2. Preschoolers MUST be accompanied by their parents
3. Recommended Age: 6 Years old or older
3,000 won 20 Years and older
Children/adolescent Aged 8~19
Preschoolers Aged 4~7
Infants not available for infants Aged 1~3


Information +82-42-601-7896