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Children`s Science Museum

Explore Science through playful and experiential exhibits in children’s museum under the theme of co-existence of humans, nature and machines!
Children can enjoy scientific contents out of classroom in children’s museum inside NSM Korea. It is designed as a playground to induce them to be more imaginative with plenty of exhibits and experiments to help envision sustainable world where nature, humans and machinery co-exist. Let your kids engage in diverse exploratory exhibits in our children’s museum, have them realize the value of co-existence and share dream about hopeful future.

Target Audience

  • Individuals: Children from kindergarten/elementary school and their chaperones.
  • Groups: Groups of kindergarteners and elementary school students. But, at least one chaperone per 10 kids or 2 chaperones per one elementary school class must be accompanied.
  • ※ Middle school students can’t enter children’s museum(chaperones must be adults)

Exhibition Hours

Time Slots Maximum Capacity
09:30~17:30 Unlimited

Main xhibitionn

  • Nature, Human and Machines

    You can watch an intro video at the entrance, which covers from the creation of galaxies leading to the birth of the earth, the evolution of humans to the exacerbation of environmental destruction followed by industrialization.

  • “Nature in Pain” Exhibit(AR Sandbox)
    • Users can freely build interactive topographic map in AR sandbox, for example, by shoveling, moving, and piling up.
    • Sensors detect changes of sand shapes and then project detected changes over the simulated topographical maps in the sandbox, showing how landscape feature would change if it were real. Through this activity, you can observe how the nature will be affected in the case of changes in topographic features.
  • What Machines Do Well vs. What Humans Do Well

    Human achievements and technological advances are displayed to signal the need for co-existence of humans and machines.

  • Co-Existing Future of Humans and Machines

    In this section, exhibits are designed to deliver a message that preserving the nature and heading for a co-existing future of humans and machines is a way to go.