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Life-Cycle Exhibition Hall was newly opened for hands-on science activities under the themes of Sports Science, Human Body and Robot, and Experience-based Human Body Video.
In this exhibition hall, there are symbolic sculptures to show harmony among human, science and nature, and the Human Body and Robot section where human body and robot are anatomically compared. The Experience-based Human Body Video allows visitors to explore the inside of the human body and experience virtual dissection and endoscopy, using Korean virtual human body data combined with advanced scientific technologies such as transparent display and virtual reality technology. The Sports Science section consists of hands-on exhibits based on the cases of fusion of sports and science and technology.
Natural History
1. The Symbolic Sculpture
From Space to Humans
Fibonacci progression, the science principle that exists in human and nature, is applied on this symbolic sculpture. It is built in snail shape as a confirmable natural object of Fibonacci progression to embody the harmony of 'Human, Science and Nature'.
2. Human Body-Robots
Rocks collected by Apollo 17 from the Moon
By utilizing the another space in the 'Symbolic Sculpture', composed 'Human Body-Robots' section to compare a human body and a robot anatomically as well as understand the differences simply. This section provides our visitors with fun and touching plays and performances of robots.
3. Sports Science
The skeletal structure of Herbivorous Triceratops
Advanced science technologies such as virtual reality technology and so on are applied on baseball, paragliding, cycle, running, ect. in 'Sports Science' section to let our visitors to experience and learn the fusion of sports and science with pleasure.
4. Experience-based Hunam Body video
The skeletal structure of Mammoth
This section is composed of grafted Korean imaginary human body data onto advanced science technologies such as transparent display, virtual reality technology, etc. to experience internal body structure learning, virtual dissection, virtual colonoscopy and so on that making it easy to understand the structure of a human body.