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Korea is the 3rd country in the world to develop a maglev train, a next generation mode of transportation. Maglev train runs off rails lifted by a magnetic field. It can be divided into highspeed and mid-speed trains, and also into attractive and repulsive ones. The Korean maglev train uses the attractive suspension system using electromagnets. It is a type of low and mid-speed train optimized for urban life.
Maglev Train

Program Time Table

Session Weekdays(Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri) Weekends(Sat, Sun)
1st 10:00 ~10:40 (10:30) 09:40 ~10:05 (10:00)
2nd 11:00 ~11:40 (11:30) 10:20 ~10:45 (10:40)
3rd 13:00 ~13:40 (13:30) 11:00 ~11:25 (11:20)
4th 14:00 ~14:40(14:30) 13:00 ~13:25 (13:20)
5th 15:00 ~15:40 (15:30) 13:40 ~14:05 (14:00)
6th 16:00 ~16:40(16:30) 14:20 ~14:45 (14:40)
7th 17:00 ~17:40 (17:30) 15:00 ~15:25 (15:20)
8th - 15:40 ~16:05 (16:00)
9th - 16:20 ~16:45 (16:40)
10th - 17:00 ~17:25 (17:20)

Admission Fee

Category Individual
Adult and Senior(above 20) \2,000
Youth, Children, Toddler(4~19) \1,000
Infant(1~3) Free(with Free ticket)
Member(Paying) 50% Discount(requires membership card when issuing a ticket)
※ No Group Discount
· Capacity : 44 people per session
· Must be one guide per 20 toddler / infant group
1. Features of Urban Maglev
Features of Urban Maglev
Lifted in the air without wheels, the maglev train is a new generation mode of environmentfriendly transport which has an excellent driving performance and cost much less to maintain and repair. Because the train runs off rails as levitated by magnetic fields, it is quiet without friction but only with a little bit of noise and vibration. Therefore, passengers feel comfortable on the train. Its body has a safe structure designed to cover the rails.
2. How does a maglev move?
How does a maglev move?
When power goes into electromagnets under the rails, magnetic force gives rise to attraction force between the surface of the rails and electromagnets, which levitates the train in the air. For the train to run, a linear induction motor (LIMs) is required. A maglev train runs on electromagnetic force which is generated as a result of electro-magnetic induction when 3-phase alternative electric current is powered to the LIMs.