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The Planetarium, which was opened in 1990, reproduces the night sky inside the 23-meter dome at any time regardless of weather conditions. It is to provide an effective learning environment for young students about astronomy and space, and to help them nurture dream and foster creativity. In 2009, it was installed with the digital imaging system which can visualize 8,875 stars of 6.5 magnitude or higher, planets in the solar system, the moon and satellites.
History of Science and Technology in Korea


Time Seat
1st 10:00~10:40(40) 208
2nd 11:00~11:40(40) 208
3rd 13:00~13:40(40) 208
4th 14:00~14:40(40) 208
5th 15:00~15:40(40) 208
6th 16:00~16:40(40) 208
7th 17:00~17:40(40) 208
1. Planetarium
Planetarium runs the Astronomy and Space Image Show 6 times per day, and offers weekend programs such as Trip to Music Under the Stars, Science Star (constellation lecture), Space Science Image Exhibition and Astronomy Academy (Expert’s lecture).