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Science Alive Discovery Center is a place where you can experience technology fusion and convergence. Visitors can learn scientific principles through direct experiences with the high-tech scientific devices and equipment, and travel into the world of imagination.
Science Alive Discovery Center


1st 2nd 3rd
Time 09:30 ~ 12:00 13:00 ~ 15:00 15:30 ~ 17:30
capacity 350 300 300
1. The “Electric” Show
The “Electric” Show
This exhibit comprises of A Jacob’s Ladder, Van de Graaff, Tesla Coil and to provide performance as “how to make a thunder” which customers do understand the process of conversion from electricity energy to light energy and also they can feel the electric current and voltage by hearing and visualizing (senses).
2. Laser Show
Laser Show
You can learn about the principles and characters of laser by walking through a maze of laser projected on the walls like a movie hero, and observing the process of laser being made at the demonstration table.
3. Drone Show
Drone Show
Fantastic group dance of seven drones Enjoy drones dancing to music!!
4. A secret room
VR The Chamber of Secrets
With HMD(Head Mounted Display) and safety equipment, go into a virtual world, feel yourself moving, explore a secret room, experience a burst of light and pass through a dark space.
5. Motion Capture
Motion Capture
This is where you can experience the latest motion capture technology. Using 12 special cameras, you can experiment how your movements are captured and reflected on diverse characters.
6. Virtual Reality Rider
Virtual Reality Rider
You can experience reality-like virtual technology through a vivid 4D effects and 6 direction motion base technology.
7. Breathtaking cat rescue
A rescue cat.
Rescue cats outside the high-rise buildings in the city center wearing HMD(Head Mounted Display).
8. Augmented reality(AR)
Augmented reality(AR)
Experience a lifelike experience with augmented reality technology that combines real-world environments and virtual objects that can not be seen in real world environments.