Thank you for Visiting the National Science Museum.

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As the president of the museum, I extend a sincerest welcome to all visitors of National Science Museum of Korea.

We, as the national representative science museum, are striving to make our museum the place of science education and exploration, also the place where you can prepare for future.
National Science Museum exhibits, educates, collects and conserves science and technology. We are a cultural institution where past and presents science technologies are studied. Here, future is dreamed and created.

I and our staff will put our effort to advance public’s understanding of science and ability to utilize new technologies in this new age of fourth industrial revolution.

We will become a new type of science culture institution that has fourth industrial revolution themed exhibitions, and provide new exhibition content and visitor services. Also, we will be strengthening our ICT·SW education and future job exploration program.

We will build database of 1200 thousand artifacts housed in our museum to improve research and exhibition capability, alsol build a open storage will be built to improve visitor use and experience of science heritage.

We will act as a national leader by hosting international events, such as the International Symposium of Science Museum and be at the forefront of international collaboration. Also the relationship among various types of 129 science culture institutions in Korea will be strengthened through collaboration and support by us.

We will continue our effort at spreading science culture that encourage exploration and interaction through events with a long history and following, such as National Science Contest, Student invention Contest, Science Day and etc.

We will always put our visitor first and try to contribute to advancement of science culture.

Thank you

Bae, Tae Min
National Science Museum